About Us

BJMD backs energetic and attentive organizers as they transform energizing thoughts into business sector driving organizations. We respect the individuals that want to disrupt the market and are headed to push the points of confinement of what is conceivable with innovation.

The current portfolio of BJMD Ventures consists of investments in a range of industries which show promise:

  • Antennas/Telecommunications/WiFi Security
  • LED Lighting,
  • Motors/Engines
  • Currency Trading
  • Mobile Services
  • Ethanol/BioFuels

BJMD Ventures is an alternate sort of venture firm. We’re a small firm with enormous plans and don’t put on a show to be for everybody. We spend a extensive amount of time in our investment selection process. We like seeking opportunity in unique individuals and want to work with entrepreneurs who are either specialized or specialists in their industry. We wouldn’t fear youthful or first-time players.

The most ideal approach to figure out additional information about us is to converse with the business visionaries we work with.