Hexa Tetra was formed to build and develop an innovative alternative for propellers, turbines and pumps. The HTP technology concept has attracted venture capital from numerous partners and companies. Together with investing partners, holding and operating companies, the opportunity and applications of this technology led to establishment of HTP Technologies B.V. in May 2014. The technology, including various construction proposals, is patented.

As many continue to invest in the future of greener and more environmentally friendly technology, HTP technology can be applied to multiple industries for more efficient results and reduced costs. Applications of HTP technology are conceivable in both the maritime and aeronautical industry. These applications are seen as a highly efficient and compact propulsion system, as well as a hydro- or air turbine for energy generation. Many other applications in other industries are conceivable as well, as the HTP works as a highly efficient and compact positive displacement pump.

Website: http://www.hexatetra.com