Investment Focus

We call ourselves a seed store – We ride disturbance. We think the most excitement is made when there is a hidden industry idea that can disrupt the existing market.

We are an active investor with strategic objectives as a partner for innovative, market-oriented technology companies with:

  • a planned and clear growth strategy
  • an obvious and unique selling point
  • a strong IP position

With our scope on seed-stage investments for market disrupting startup companies – we find it key to invest and/or build around an idea that has a highly experienced management team. Often investing into seed stage companies or ideas, we provide financial support of up to $1 million for businesses in the technology sectors, typically in syndication with other venture capital investors.

Effectively implementing a growth strategy needs more than just financial support. BJMD Ventures, as a seed-stage VC firm, brings additional strategic capabilities to partnerships and startup companies:

  • Technological skills and infrastructure
  • Business experience and market access
  • A global network of contacts
  • Expertise in patent strategies and on issues of property rights

Our partners and portfolio companies can further depend on us for presentations, employment, signing deals, and now and again, operational issues. Also, with their request, we offer them some assistance with getting large obtaining offers.

Geographically, BJMD Ventures has portfolio investments in:

  • North America
  • Asia
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe

As our current portfolio consists of a range of  markets – we accept project and investment proposals from almost all technological sectors.